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Brand A x AOB Dock (Strategy + Resources)
= Brand A x Unlocked Potential


What if we could expand their lungs and let them explore their potential? Our "BRAND LANES" were created to do just that. Using our "DOCK AND UNLOCK" formula, we leverage our lanes to reframe our brands' potential, creating "PERMISSION TO PLAY" in new product categories and establishing entrance into entirely new, large addressable markets.

The result is a family of brands with significant runway for growth. Now that we can breathe, it's time to show what these lungs can do...


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Even giants started out small. We take niche brands and make them known. Our brands bring a spark of authenticity that thrives under the structure of our brand lanes, fanning flame into fire.


When we acquired Bubba Blade in 2017, it was known for its red, non-slip grip fillet knives. Seizing an opportunity to recast the brand under our Adventurer lane, we expanded its potential by dropping "Blade" from the name, and positioned it to capture the "water to plate" lifestyle, largely overlooked by other fishing brands. BUBBA is now among our fastest growing brands, having entered new product categories where it now has "permission to play", reaching a wider audience as it transitions from "NICHE TO KNOWN".

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The Adventurer is at home when they are away. Whether conquering a mountain, navigating the open ocean, or trekking through a valley, the Adventurer’s thrill provides the only comfort zone. For the Adventurer, it’s not just about a connection with the outdoors, it’s about being a part of it.

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To the Harvester, it’s not a job. And it’s not about simply mounting a trophy. It is a passion that lives within -- to create, to grow, to conserve, and to ensure that the desire and ability to hunt and experience the most challenging terrain is passed down for future generations. The Harvester is not about taking, they are about giving back.

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The Marksman is a shooter, from the beginner to the skilled competitor. Whether at the workbench in the workshop, in the field, or on the range, and no matter the choice of handgun, rifle, shotgun or archery, the Marksman’s success is measured in hours of trigger time, the smell of burnt powder, and hitting bullseyes.

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For the Defender, security is the objective above all else. Seeking the peace of mind that comes from confidently knowing that what is treasured is safe, the Defender is equipped, and maintains a disciplined determination to train and prepare for life’s adversaries. The Defender protects -- it is part of their DNA.