Brand Lanes

Brands That Provide Quality Products For The Moments That Matter

At AOB, we have strategically positioned each of our brands into “brand lanes”. Brand lanes align our employees’ talents and product expertise with consumer archetypes. This has resulted in increased brand equity and product focus, while un-tapping enormous potential for tackling new categories. Because our brand lane teams represent the end consumer that we develop products for every day, we understand the expectations in the field and deliver a best in class experience across all outdoor activities.


The Adventurer is at home when they are away. Whether it is conquering a mountain, navigating the open ocean, trekking through a valley or taking on any other outdoor escapade, the Adventurer’s thrill is their comfort zone. It is more than a connection with the outdoors, it is about being a part of it.


To the Harvester, it’s not a job. It’s not about killing or mounting a trophy. It’s a passion that lives within to create, to grow, to conserve and to ensure that the hunger to hunt and experience the most inaccessible terrain is passed down for future generations. Being a Harvester is not about taking, it’s about giving back.


A Marksman is a shooter, from the beginner to the skilled competitor. Whether at the workbench, in the workshop, in the field or on the range; and no matter the choice of handgun, rifle, shotgun or archery: a Marksman’s success is measured in hours of trigger time, the smell of burnt powder, and bullseyes.


For the Defender, security is above all else. It starts with the peace of mind that comes with confidently knowing your belongings are safe, and becomes complete with determination to train and prepare yourself for life’s biggest adversaries. The Defender protects – it makes up the fabric of their DNA.